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Rise Project is a data driven performance marketing agency specialising in the Gaming Industry.

We specialise in Big Data and build our acquisition and retention strategies around a holistic marketing approach to programmatic. We have developed specialisms in all areas of online and offline marketing to enable us to provide a full service marketing strategy.

Programmatic planning and buying is where we tie our entire strategy together. We identify different signals from visitors throughout the user journey which results in us being able to serve them the correct ad, at the correct time with the correct offer on any device. 

Increasing conversion, retention and in turn ROI, our programmatic approach is at the heart of all our advertising. Giving us the ability to serve our ads and those of our clients on all devices across over 60 countries worldwide, this is the key to delivering consistent scale within our marketing campaigns in an increasingly competitive space.

The Science

At the core of everything that we do are our Audiences. Through our proprietary sites we collect vast amounts of data, that we segment into relevant audiences. At the start of the process we utilize low cost/targeted traffic, and we as we build the audience relevancy, we increase media investment. An approach we use for our own properties and our clients, and giving our clients access to a unique pool of first party data.

The Journey

The Journey

New customer visits advertiser site

Customer is retargeted through multiple channels

Customer visits advertiser, registers and if they fail to deposit they are retargeted

Retargeted based on behavior on site such as product preferences

The Solution

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